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My job is to not only make you look, but also feel great too.

We all base opinions on how someone looks, even ourselves.

This in turn effects our emotions and our behaviour. In other words, what we look  like, to ourselves and to others, effects how we feel about ourselves and how others feel about us.

I will make you look and feel amazing...

I will give you the confidence to be you, authentic, original and strong.

My services are an investment, I add value and generate a return, saving you money and time too. I don’t just edit your wardrobe and make you go and buy more, I curate your clothes and teach you how to make simple, intelligent choices, making your style second nature and effortless.


I offer several services, from wardrobe edits and styling, both remote and in person, to shopping either in person (or online by the hour),  video-call consultations, including wardrobe edits, event dressing and outfit building as well as corporate events, live or remotely, from a room full of people to an international Zoom call with hundreds.

Contact me for a simple chat and any questions you have regarding any of my services.

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